Take your most troubling concern, if you have one, and let it accompany your sense of ascension as you view the photo.

Somewhere along your upward progression your footing will become shaky, uncertain. Your old, customary boundaries will loosen their grip. Negativity doesn’t live there.

All your stale, recurring thoughts, will evaporate.

The tightening constrains on your range of choices – release and allow ways to unboundedness.

The top of those trees bring new vistas, new ways of thinking, and powerful opportunities of advanced life formation.

With increased evaporation of your limitations, personalized gifts of grandeur await your receptivity.

Life then has the potential for expansion into unexplored dimensions.

Take one more gaze at the picture. Let go. Effortlessly experience the ascension.

Evaporation will start shortly thereafter.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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