The more a person struggles, the less he or she lives.

You want a little vacation? Try doing just what comes naturally to you without consulting your inner GPS.

Trust in yourself totally for a while. Surrender to that inner ‘self’. See where your ‘infinite’ takes you.

Don’t pick a direction. Your path, your bliss, may be to the north-east. Listen for that clue. Don’t go west because that is what you have always done.

You can attempt to figure out your every step with human reasoning. The same reasoning that got you here. Just try using the direction obtained from divine association.

It’s a guaranteed improvement.


Seemingly, it lies dormant, somewhere beyond our senses. Forgotten, like a black bookend, too far out of reach to keep acquainted.

But then, at a most unusual time, a giant arm appears before you and in wiper-blade fashion clears away the collection of stale old thoughts you were ready to use that day. The view is spectacular.

Like hearing the first few bars of your favorite song, Bliss cuddles up next to you and offers a brief, magnificent taste of the start of an excursion you never thought possible. All it asks is for you not to interrupt, just to accept what is coming – without your supervision.

There comes a divine moment of realization in which you sense that if your mind starts to voice its opinion the Bliss will immediately evaporate. Your input, your suggestions, your ideas, your words – are ALL out of place here. They are too elementary. They do not fit.

That moment brings the critical decision of either being quiet and open to what is being offered, or to close the book one more time on potential Bliss.

Magic always is competing with human judgments; ‘Do I have the time? Am I interested enough to even stick around? I’m late for something, aren’t I? Maybe next time.’

That wiper-blade brings perfect clarity to the facets of your life. It’s a new realm of understanding, done with perceptions, not words.

When might this opportunity for Bliss happen again?

Keep the welcome mat out.

No Secrets

It is wonderful when you like yourself, like what you do and how you do it.

If you have a problem, or a personal situation with which you are not happy, you owe it to yourself to protect your contentment . . .

and put together your personal way of addressing concerns which are; true to your basic instincts, preserve your bliss and which eradicate the problem.

There is no secret answer in the last paragraph, nor any paragraph. This epiphany must come from you. With the problem in mind, ponder alternative ways you could address it. Don’t search for the answer, just let possibilities appear. Give thanks for each one.

You’ll know when it arrives. It will just ‘fit’ – perfectly. Use it.

Do not allow anything to tarnish your happiness.

The Ways of the Infinite

Perhaps as ultra-soft piano chords. Or, as the almost imperceptible early morning breeze through pine trees. Or, like the bubbly effervescence of that quiet little stream in the woods.

And as its Magic continues to unfold, it wonders why so much of it goes unheard. Truly, the greatest information in existence, but it remains as a faint impossibility to so many.

Perhaps the Elegance should be put on the news channel, couched in war, division and hate. At least it would get listened to there.

Would magnificent personal examples help? Don’t think so. People have long since forgotten that they can choose what they allow into their lives. Given ‘war’ or ‘Bliss’ they’ll choose war every time – automatically.

Let them continue to take – what is being handed out – with no personal selection whatsoever. Press a button and whatever is produced becomes their life. Let the news channel rule. Forget about the possibility of selecting something more beneficial.

Opportunities will always there, but a person can only say ‘no’ to them a given number of times. There comes a point where everything you never did, becomes something . . .

you’ll never be able to even try.

Is that a bird, singing in the distance?

The State of Being Yours

It had never been left unlocked before. There was never enough light. From childhood, the cabinet wasn’t portrayed as evil, nor even ominous. It just sat there in the basement, alone, unknown.

Time had brought Mia graduation from college, disabilities to her Mom and Dad, and an exposed cabinet which now perhaps could share some of its secrets to a girl who grew up scared to death of it.

To her parents, the top of the cabinet was but a place to set a couple of bottles of liquor. The locked area below, they had agreed when they got married, was to remain locked and would hold all of their negatives; the substance of any arguments, illnesses or problems would stay enclosed in that dark box under lock and key.

About a year ago her Dad’s curiosity won and one day he opened the door, and promptly lost the key which he couldn’t find. Neither he, nor his wife, was ever well enough again to go downstairs.

The status of the cabinet had not even been mentioned to Mia. More as a way to prove to herself her ability to overcome fear, she took it upon herself to confront that obscure, lonely box.

Stooping before its open door she felt a sensation of frozen sweat on her brow. She felt as though she was looking directly into the face of eternity. Her thoughts began to breathe and to create words that burned.

Fortunately for Mia, the reach of the mind extends beyond circumstances. Was this cabinet going to continue to be a numen, a negative force identified with some object? She thought of her parents, on this make-believe treadmill of unexpected pain and illness.

And she thought of the myriad other people who were in similar situations . . . hinging their entire life on some obtuse choice.

Mia retrieved additional sources of light and illuminated the basement as if it was outdoors at noon on the 4th of July.

Truth reappeared. The cabinet regained its status as just a wooden box.

Mia stepped proudly. She’d had her first encounter with a slice of the Infinite. She noticed how the purity of the light also brought clarity to the entire basement and – to her power of reasoning.

She was about to adopt her first truly wholesome state-of-being.

As she was about to turn off the lights she turned and looked back at the cabinet and its surroundings. She didn’t see a key.

There never was one.

Scratch-off Sunday

Grab your coffee. Head over to the chair. Scratch a bit off. Not enough attraction. Go outside. Scratch-off. Not enough novelty. Try the car. Arrive somewhere. Scratch-off. This is not going to do it either.

A homeless universe. Everything’s spinning, orbiting, expanding. There is no ‘home’ – we are all strays. You come home and feel like you just left.

Perhaps how we scratch – and where we scratch – are more important than everything else. Maybe becoming immersed in this process is the answer.

We eventually ‘go home’ to the great Beyond. Is that what has been calling to us all these days in between?

Is what happened in the past more crucial than any thought we may have about the future?

Scratch-off a mystery.

Scratch-off a Masterpiece.