When Things are Right

When things are right, there is no guesswork.

Nothing is awkward, nothing is out of place. There is nothing needed and nothing is wasted.

Everything makes sense.

There is a deep peace because all the pieces fit.

There is a special kind of freedom. Not just about the ability to move, but about the ability to be.

Discovering that background into which we fit – perfectly.

That background into which we begin to disappear.

That background where all the pieces come together . . .

with no guesswork.

Your Cup

The morning touches you with the subtle idea of ‘intangibles’.

Fog, uncertainty, the mystical.

You probably won’t be given the answer to ending a war, but you might be surprised by a moment of clarity just up around the bend. A mental obstacle you thought was a wall may just vanish, exposing a chunk of the Infinite you never knew existed.

Don’t give a cup a chance to interrupt your dream. It couldn’t hold any of the forthcoming Magic anyway.

Ponder instead . . . everything that is not in the cup.

A wall has just come down! You are entitled to experience every last morsel that is no longer being hidden from you.

Look at the picture again. It’s not the cup! It’s not you! Forget about the petty mundane.

It’s everything else.

Unexpected Moments of the Unknown

Not just all the stuff we’ll never see in the universe. Not everything with which we will never come in contact. Not the nothingness, but the things we may have been near, and we may have seen, but their image couldn’t be recorded in our memory because they had transcended above our capacities for recognition.

A person maybe, an awkward moment, where both of you are engaged in picking something up one of you has dropped. Fumbling, your eyes meet. There’s an immediate feeling of awareness. as if you just met god. A moment of intoxication.

There is no fear, but every aspect of certainty has evacuated your faculties. Nothing remains but a feeling of uncertainty. Outmatched. Humbled. You’ve just stepped over the boundary of your imagination.

Thoughts, all of them, are blurry. Summoning words for a sentence becomes impossible. This is a moment of highest importance but your senses have no way to comprehend that importance.

Is this the world of imagination being born from a worldly embryo? Is it a dream trying to intertwine itself with our simple daily duties? Is it really just a completely unexpected moment touching the Majestic?

That person . . . was he or she the gateway to other boundless possibilities? Could he or she have opened that locked door of your imagination? Without their presence —- have you deleted that stage where you could have lived and prospered in a realm of wonder and Magic?

Surely, no one knows. But all of our little tastes of the Infinite deserve to be cherished. Their power will never be known until they are harnessed, nurtured and brought to life.

And we get smacked with the question . . .

are there limits to what our minds can believe and achieve?

Come Alive Again

What has to happen for you to ‘Come Alive’? Not just to be excited but to be immersed in vitality and totally engaged.

A magnificent challenge? Unique circumstances? The right people?

Awesome thoughts? Freshness? Winning?

What brings that deep sense of fulfillment for you?

Most likely there is transcendence, or the feeling of transcendence.

Can you recall the last time you ‘Came Alive? Are there memories still attached that you can pick out?

Are they duplicatable? Sense the verve. The intoxication of success. The play of purity. Ride those sensations and create another birth.

It’s so much better than the alternative.

Walk With Me . . .

Walk with me through the grass, enjoying each other in the softness.

Walk with me through the wind as we capture the idea of soaring.

Walk with me through the darkness and awaken to the treasures in shadows.

Walk with me in the blinding light as the birth of shared moments begins.

Walk with me through the music as we allow our movements to be guided from elsewhere.

Walk with me through the silence, where we begin to understand that words have no chance when they are up against those unspoken.

Walk with me through the void, through the nothingness, as we begin to catch glimpses of every possibility . . . waiting for our discovery.

Our Pot, Our Life

Everything which you come in contact ends up in your pot.

Laughter mixes with tears. Love somehow flavors heartbreak as heartbreak spices love. Adventure infuses the mundane while the opposite occurs. Hardship, harmony; they all add to the richness of the unique blend that is totally your own . . . your own masterpiece.

There each of us are, swirling around in our own pot, perhaps curious as to what emotion, or feeling will rise to the surface next.

Every so often an imperceptible nudge brings about an almost secret whisper that transcends normal mundane existence and awakens the soul to its own Infinite potential. Your, truly unique, self.

Today, maybe the shackles of self-doubt have finally simmered away, and that simmering has left an emboldened structure declaring your own liberation.

Beyond the Sublime


Eyes of unending mystery.

A ‘knowing’ – that we know nothing about.

Attentive, to another kind of persuasion.

Allegiance, to her own world.

Grace and playfulness elegantly commingled.

Her gift of Infinite purring. Not just a sound but a resonance from deep within her being. Soothing everything in the room as nothing else can.

The perfect teacher.

Where are her students?

Suasion – the Act of Influencing

The followers are influenced by the habits of the group just as each of us is influenced by the habits of those around us.

In the center-left area of the photo above, a follower decides he no longer wants to receive his suasion from that group. It is a powerful statement of conviction and one that is definitely and desperately needed to rid our minds of any worldly ‘group’ mentality if higher thought is desired.

Today’s blog is not about ‘higher’ thought, but about the highest realm there is above the ‘higher’.

What if, outside of our wildest imaginings, there is a ‘fantasy’ that cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled. A fantasy that cannot even be felt because we are void of the apparatus to enable its discovery?

Perhaps it is available only to those of an ascetic life, one of strict self-denial or to those who keep challenging boundaries. It might be a ‘place’ – ‘place’ – where humans can’t exist because of our severe limitations. There would be no majesty or grandeur because they are merely descriptive words . . . limitations.

It would be a place that could never even be alluded to or explained. Actually, we would never have a way of knowing it exists.

Although not explainable, it is an amazing journey to attempt perusing an imaginary path that may lead in that direction. A path of less and less words, of fewer signs and details. A voyage where if something, anything, is recognizable – you know you have failed.

It is not even about the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s no tunnel, no light, no secrets, no surprises . . . it’s just ‘imagination’. But not an imagination with which we are familiar. It’s not even a spirit because periodically we can ‘feel’ those things.

An area of pure nothingness? Yes, maybe.

An area where we are not? Yes, maybe. Not yet, anyway.

It’s breaking step with the marchers. Then breaking rank. Then going a different direction. Then side-roads, detours. Escaping authority. Going where there are no paths. Then . . . just ‘going’.

Then it comes down to how to continue proceeding? Feet become useless because there is nothing under them. Minds become useless because the destination is a complete unknown.

A heaven? No idea. All questions have dissolved. All uncertainties become non-existent because there is nothing with which to be uncertain.

Suasion . . .

Is there any influence there, whatsoever?

Spiritual Wandering

It’s as if we are on some type of illusory scavenger hunt. We search new books, new authors, new countries, new ports of call, new activities, new roads, new routes, new foods, new routines . . .

trying to fill in all our vacancies, attempting to satisfy all our uncertainties and to tie up all our loose ends.

We’re on an odyssey of mirages. We see things, well, we think we see things. Things that make sense, well, we think they make sense.

We catch glimpses of ‘water’ in a desert, but the water isn’t really there. We read words together in a sentence that have meaning, but the meaning isn’t really there. Snippets of enlightenment that remain holes of emptiness or ambiguity.

We cast our hooks out on lines of hope that we snag something of substance that we can reel in and make use of immediately. Instead, our bait catches phrases like; ‘Out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing there’s a field’ or ‘Practice not doing and everything will fall into place’ or ‘Wait until the mud settles and the water is clear’ or ‘Darkness within darkness, the key to all understanding’ or ‘If you want to be given everything, give everything up’.

And your fishing pole is put away again until the next scavenger hunt. Better, give it away. Give up the hunt. Forget about all the books and authors and new vistas and personal ideas and ALL of the other things you think will help.

Like hunting? Search for silence. Then try a little solitude. Toss away expectations, limitations and all the things learned up until now. Nothing can be ‘caught’ or ‘snagged’. The Infinite is a game that you learn as you go. NOTHING you now know will help in this game. Most important is what you DON’T bring to the game.

Bring nothing. Expect nothing. Don’t try to help in any way. Don’t try to BE. Don’t try not to BE. Give up. Totally relax. Open to ALL possibilities. Make no suggestions to yourself about what should happen. Accept silence. Have no words.

Transcend . . . but make no effort to transcend.

Just let it happen.