What’s Life Got To Do With It?

Do this. Go there. Find meaning! That’s it, isn’t it?

We want something – anything – to be here, or at least over there.

Sure, there are; family, friends, travel, food, sports, and on and on. But nothing offers any meaning. No ‘answers’ are to be found – – – just more questions without answers.

Immersed in Mystery. We reach out to anything that may contain even a clue to our incomprehension. Books, religions, the occult. Again; searching for anything that may bring us closer to some revelation.

Perhaps . . . our assumption that this thing we call life must have meaning – is faulty.

You can ponder a benevolent god, or God. Then juxtapose that idea with the fact that about 3,000 children per day die throughout the world from malnutrition alone. Is there meaning to be found in that?

Then there is meditation. Close your eyes and let everything go. A trip to the Infinite. A trip to ‘nothingness’. Is there a difference?

We want life to have meaning. Perhaps the best we can do is to understand that each of us is unique. We exist in our own skin, have our own thoughts and establish our own reality.

Our life is exactly that – ours. The critical question is . . .

all that you have learned so far from others, are you going to consider that your life?

The Euphoria of Magic

Magic. MAGIC! Like when you peel your image off the bathroom mirror . . . and cease to exist in your natural form.

Personal. Supernatural. Disappearance. Freedom. Elation.

For you, is there a direct opposite of this so-called Magic?

What do you call that? Hell? Fear? Life?

Question . . . is it possible to totally eliminate the counterpart of Magic?

Can a person live . . .

and never again experience anything less than Magic?

Manifesting Yourself

Might it be a tad better, instead of always focusing on what you want, to bring about a more easily understood and a more perfectly conceived version of who you are?

Creating a more attuned person, someone who is more readily recognizable by your mind. Someone who has brought together and understands the most effective ways to handle all of life’s situations.

Could that – should that – ability, be the highest on your want list?

Untold Story

A life that never had the need for a ‘Thank you’. A life of a gorgeous candle that never gave birth to a flame. A kitten that never felt the warmth of a loving lap. A canvas that never displayed. A forest void of enchantment.

Right now, each of us is immersed in what we call our life.

What would happen, what are the possibilities . . .

if each of us told ourselves a new story about who we really are?

Is That You?

No. That’s a reflection with beads. Where’s the meaningful stuff? Those hidden structures on which I hang my hat and receive direction. Where are they!?

Not in any mirror. It’s not seeing; not hearing or feeling or smelling or tasting either.

We want to ‘receive communication’ about certain deep subjects but it’s as if we haven’t found the proper equipment or methodology to accomplish that.

We want to ‘become aware’ and ‘gain knowledge of’ something, but the best we can do is wonder about the existence of instructions about how to even begin.