Build it. Live it.

You have full ownership. Not only do you own your own life, you own what you produce with it also.

Part-time creator . . . part-time creation. [Read that again.]

Where we put our trust changes. No longer do we depend on outside sources for answers, but now we are given ideals and rely on only ourselves to assure those outcomes – our outcomes – mature.

Our decisions and actions are now on the same side of the equation. New opportunities play with creation and that becomes the evolving matrix of who we are.

Our, OUR. ideas can become our reality. When that happens . . .

Bliss is found.

Distant Horizons in the Unknowable

The Infinite is a concept that can teach us to think beyond our own capabilities.

The Infinite is a never-ending journey into the depths of exploration. A journey into the realm of esoteric feelings and understandings.

The Infinite can inspire us to think beyond the constraints of traditional thought and to open our minds to possibilities that may have been unnoticed before. [Freedom.]

To embrace the Infinite means to challenge ourselves to strive for something more; look for patterns and connections in seemingly unrelated things and to be open to a totally new paradigm.

Through encouraging cooperation of the Infinite, we can gain a more full sense of higher plateaus of purpose and joy.

Your Highest Experience

Accepting the Infinite as a spirit means relinquishing personal identity.

To most, the sentence above is just another to gloss over. Assume it has no merit, no worth, no meaning and jump to the next paragraph to see if something pertinent will show up there.

Perhaps the ‘search’ for the Infinite is impossible . . . but perhaps, at the same time, it is necessary!

Necessary because it brings us face to face with the idea of limitations.

Necessary because in our attempts at finding the Infinite (even the initial thoughts of how to get started) we find ourselves in new surroundings. A realm of uncertainty where we become aware that our reasoning no practical value. Ground rules we’ve had all our lives evaporate and we’re forced to accept ‘acceptance’. Acceptance of the highest strain. Acceptance of what we don’t know. Relinquishing our personal identity.

Necessary because even though we’ll never fully understand the complexities of the Infinite, we may uncover an area of just enough pertinence to ourselves that our lives will be changed forever. Free from all that we felt we had to follow. Freedom – in an endless supply of superlatives. Freedom – in a limitless playground, designed just for you.

Your highest experience – EVER – may be waiting for you just on the other side of that curtain you always deemed as unattainable.

Feeling the Infinite

We get glimpses. We get touched. We get feelings. We sing, laugh out loud and scream with joy. We live life with complete abandon – for a while. Then, it’s back to our cage.

No pictures stir me as viscerally as ones like the above. Palpable freedom. Hands raised in celebration. Screams of, ‘Go little bird, fly, FLY!’ Notice; there are no tethers attached, no boundaries anymore, nothing imposed. P-U-R-E freedom.

Just removing a collar from a dog brings me euphoria. A few mornings ago at about 3:00 A.M. I saw a moth in my bathroom. I nudged him into a glass and took him down to the door in the garage, turned on the outside light and opened the door. Raising the glass I removed my other hand from blocking the moth’s exit. Tears came as I watched the little guy disappear into the night sky. Another moment I will treasure forever. P-U-R-E freedom.

We can ‘feel’ the Infinite on a physical level. Perhaps, somehow, the answer is capturing that rapturous sensation and imbuing every cell of our bodies with it. Almost like teaching ourselves how to experience the Euphoria the Infinite wants to share.

Walls, bars, untrue mental convictions, tethers, cages, boxes, ruts, apathy or just uncertainty make lofty perspectives unavailable.

The next time a supreme, Infinite feeling is felt, don’t try to capture it, give thanks for it. Allow it to spread throughout your entire being. Then, do it again, and again.

‘Feel’ your way to a new perspective.

Outwitting Challenges

Sometimes the limitations are obvious. But doesn’t the picture above depict how we live our lives?

A thought comes about something we may want to do. Immediately this arch of limitations appears which includes all the reasons we believe we are unable to do things.

And although the arch doesn’t really exist, we access it so often it is real for all intents and purposes.

Can you; find, build, earn, secure, play . . . at some high level? With each question we consult our memorized list of limitations for an answer, which is usually well below our capacities.

We can skip the ‘consulting phase’ and go directly to the formation of ideas, bypassing all those limitations we have stored up!

Sidestep those self-imposed restrictions.

Think . . . without challenges.

Forbidden Travel

Wherever it is, find it. With eyes closed if needed. Get the perfect pillows, blankets and foot warmers. Turn down the lights. Maybe faint background ambient music. Kitty and/or puppy most welcome.

Hot coffee. A delicate puffed pastry. Spoil yourself, like never before.

Unlimited dreams become what is important. Crazy, erotic, exotic dreams. Ones that come with a ‘Caution’ label. Scary-good dreams. Fantasies. Mind-blowing excursions. Ideas with the power to lift.

Go out further, where mentality ends and the impossible begins. Allow yourself to be immersed. Cut away the life-preserver. Permit illegal transportation to places to which you have never even contemplated.

Go incognito. Be ‘out of focus’. Distorted. Unknown to yourself.

In this new world, open the doors if there are any. See what is under the things on the ground. Find that secret passageway and that hidden set of stairs or the trap-door. Get open to the flood of the Infinite.

Submit to freshness.

Just as you are seeking for your treasure . . .

it is seeking you.


How good could a lunch out with a friend be?

An exchange of words . . . sure. But what about the exchange of feelings, or thoughts about feelings?

A silence in which buried, heart-felt messages may float to the surface?

Participants talking as if they were the other person?

Pondering, and then sharing with your friend, circumstances they would like to have happen that are truly unimaginable?

Describing in detail the day in their life that was the most Blissful, and why?

Asking each other what would make them most comfortable and excited discussing?