What the . . . ?

Another question arises and each time that happens we want answers. What is it? How will it effect me? How should I deal with it? How much conviction does this one deserve?

The usual ‘solution’ comes from looking back through our memories. ‘Oh, yes, there it is. Number 807. Been there, done that. Then we take that past ‘answer’ and slap it over this question and we’re finished.

The potentially sad part of this equation is that sometimes we confront a question that is new to us. One we haven’t experienced before. We ruffle through our memory bank and find nothing even close to this current query.

The ‘sad part’ is when the above happens and there is no investigation of the subject, it just gets thrown in the trash. Somehow we fill in our own shadows and grab at fantasy to justify our inaction.

For some folks, the idea of ‘perfecting life’ is of quintessential importance. For others that concept is close to meaninglessness.

Either way, poignant little questions about life will keep springing up. The answers to which can have profound positive effects.

There is always the broom – and the mat under which to sweep them. Also available are a few minutes of quiet contemplation. Times of perfection that don’t rely on memory for answers.

Luscious uncertainties . . . awaiting your consideration.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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