What’s In Your Life That Is Not A Waste?

What is in there without a teacher’s instruction? What is at the core of your being that is there completely on its own?

Our entire lives revolve around the concept of ‘exchange’. We spend money and get food. We spend time and learn. We give of ourselves and we want something back for our efforts.

And all that you have accumulated up until now . . . what part of that is not a waste?

Even the process of thinking about an answer here starts you down the path of beginning to understand ‘who you really are’.

Under all that garbage are little gems that ask questions like; ‘What is really important in your life?’

As answers to that question appear, everything that you now consider yourself – to be – is open for inspection and elevation.

Take a moment or two in deep silence and listen for the question you are asked.

The secrets you want to hear – are in the answers you produce.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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