Losing Your iPhone

Gone is the . . . G.P.S., communication, photos, texts, messages, calendar. Your ruined until it is found. Out of touch.

The phone is the go-to mechanism for whatever we need.

The Infinite deals quite a bit with solitude and silence, the other end of the spectrum from the phone’s forte. It is also fond of complete disassociation from worldly things.

If this thing called the Infinite is still worthy of your interest but remains aloof, how about this . . . ?

Some morning, with coffee and a cherry danish in hand, take a bite and a sip and for thirty seconds do nothing but wallow in the exquisite pleasure of the treats, with nothing, ‘no thing’, on your mind.

A thirty-second perfect escape. As pure and comfortable as you can make it. Maybe with a waft of delightful ambient music. Make the thirty second time period so majestic it is memorable.

Immerse yourself in the idea that the thirty seconds is about ‘no’. As in . . . no agenda, no questions, no answers, no desires, no expectations, no searching, no words, no you.

So enjoyable you’d gladly do it for five minutes, but stop at thirty seconds. Assess what happened. Could it have been made better?

The next day, maybe add what you think is needed or take away some facet that wasn’t perfect for you.

Then listen. A little voice or feeling may come along that nudges you to do something a tad different. Follow that suggestion. Remove yourself, and all your ideas from the decision making process.

You were without your phone for half a minute! Congratulations!

The game becomes ridiculously interesting when habitually solitude is reached for, instead of a phone. You stand a little taller.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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