The Easy Infinite

What changes you might expect if and when you allow the Infinite a place in your psyche . . .

The way you view your life takes on a radical change. No longer are you driving. There comes a feeling, a certitude, that there is a perfect personal path for you already established. A perfect path which is void of your input and is discovered by your absence and attention, not your efforts.

The only things obscuring the path’s identification are all the preconceptions to which you adhere. Your ideas of how things are, how things should be, and why – are the very items that make perfection for you unattainable.

The major force here is the realization that we should not dwell on negative issues and how we might make things better, but instead . . .

forget all we know that we think would ‘help’ – and listen. Take those thirty seconds mentioned yesterday and just allow answers of perfection to come, with NO assistance from you!

Recline in the hammock – with nothing. Bring no possibilities, no suggestions, no plans, in a realm of calm reassurance and thanksgiving.

Assume perfection, never a second-rate pacifier. Perfection leaves no lingering questions, no ambiguity, no strings attached. There is no room for stress or any other human traits.

The magnitude of the problem is of no significance. Go to the hammock, brother. But before climbing in, empty every thought from your mind.

Then; listen, listen, listen.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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