Waltzing to the Infinite

This morning I awoke to a link in my email sent from my dear friend in Hawaii, Gary. The link is posted at the end of the blog. Please watch!

Gary would normally never forward a link which included a symphony orchestra as the prominent subject, so this was quite anomalous. The only line submitted in his email was the question, ‘What do you see here?’

I clicked the arrow and the video began. I must admit, I cried through the whole episode. The adornments, the people, the music, the playfulness, the setting, the perfection – everything, was majestic.

I replied to Gary . . . ‘Pomp, elegance, pageantry, luxuriance, showmanship, opulence and magnificence’.

The performance ‘touched on the Infinite’.

Thank you, Gary. Your selection was exquisite.

(If you look closely enough you may see an eagle in the background, flying upside-down.)


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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