The Ruling Mental Basement

The basement is where chores, problems and unpleasantries go to live. Each one tries to become more proficient at getting your attention.

You may be talking on the phone and all of a sudden the air conditioner concern – on a pogo stick! – bounces up with a solemn desire to be noticed. Then, the oil change on a trampoline waves at you. Next, the pole-vaulting door that won’t slide anymore must be heard.

Life is about choices and ‘following’ a known route is but one option. Exploring is another. We can decide ‘from where’ we will receive thoughts. The basement variety can be shut off completely and we can mandate that only positive influences come to us.

By doing this we may receive perfect answers for our concerns as higher thoughts are encouraged and promoted.

This is merely one example. Explore and experiment with different options to rid yourself of the daily onslaughts of negativity. Side-step them, refuse to acknowledge them, get beyond them, replace them.

Treat yourself to a world where you are in complete control of the thoughts that comprise it. Board up the basement. Determine that the basement, and any other non-inspirational place, will not be part of your life. Permit only what leads to your highest contentment.

The basement is there because you allow it to be exist.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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