With rare exceptions, to everything with which we come into contact we affix some type of label.

A certain; food, restaurant, airline, news channel, computer, phone, tree, or a person . . . they all have a self-imposed tag on them – a description of sorts – that makes them easy to remember and identify.

But much is given up for this ease of recognition.

Let’s say you want to beautify your yard and in the middle of it stands your favorite tree. It may get totally overlooked because of its familiarity and label. ‘It’s just a tree!’ But it could be trimmed, illuminated, or be the support for a swing or a star. But its label causes it to be ignored.

Let’s move up the scale (hopefully) and consider a close friend. They too have labels which define their capabilities, and limits. Also on the labels are reminders of the few negative times you have spent together. So, in like manner, those friends may be passed over.

Similar to the basement in yesterday’s blog, these labels are nothing more than limitations that we have decided should accompany us throughout our life.

But also, as with the basement debris, they can be easily discarded. If and when that is done, amazing new and higher possibilities open up.

Maybe you can send the friend up to live in the tree! Labels are shackles. They distort and take away freedom and opportunity.

Hopefully the desire for freedom still exists within us. Take the blinders off your thinking, cease telling yourself that you know what everything is and what it can and cannot do.

Allow possibilities to be unbounded.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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