The Environment of Your Life

In our day to day affairs it is common to; see what needs to be done, select a mission and then strive to complete it.

Hopefully worth pondering is the idea that there is a ‘setting’ we provide for our life. A ‘context’ we piece together in which everything happens. The details of your setting are boundless. They can go from a push-and-shove battleground of complexity to one of unending peace and contentment. You are the interior decorator of that ‘context’.

What if an effort was made to modify that internal environment from one of chaos and uncertainty to a pristine wonderland? One where; anxiety is replaced with an easy-chair, judgment is transformed into love, annoyances give way to thanksgiving.

If that is not done, the Infinite and all its related summits will never be captured. Without context, words have no meaning at all.

The context of your life . . . is what determines what will be received into it.

Create your perfect context first, then, let the Infinite fill in the balance.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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