Is it time for surrender, again?

Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago you washed and ironed it, again.

What are they asking you to give up this time?

Don’t surrender to ignorance, but when the time comes and you discern the futility of giving orders and having to be right . . .

gather all the white flags and tie them to the tallest pole available. As the bullets cease flying toward you, stand and hoist up that pole with you as you ascend. Make a declaration – a Proclamation – not just to those who can see the banner, but also, to yourself.

No one will come to capture you. No handcuffs or restraining devises will be administered to bind you. No, the battle is then over.

Everyone will just go home and leave you standing there, all alone. A Peace, with teeth, will arise. A real battle has just been won, and you were the victor.

When ALL of those flags are flown, together, Magic happens. There is nothing left to win, and nothing left to lose. Your war is over.

In your future travels, be open to those things that attest to the fact that your flag – is NOT still there.

As you near home you come to a little shop where someone is selling flags with the inscription, ‘A flag for people that have no flags.’

Keep walking.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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