Where Do Thoughts Come From?

Ponder the world of a happy person. Things happen to them, but the response to each happening brings some type of positive uplift. Contrariwise, responses from the worlds of unhappy people may be negative.

We, obviously, can condition our responses to any particular situation. If we become hungry we could; aim the car to a fast-food place, peruse a list of the best foods and head to Publix, drink water, etc., but we don’t have a strategy for every occurrence.

A tiny thought can fill a life. A desire for full-time happiness can begin a process that one by one eliminates all negative things from our life. These eliminations may cause a new ‘world’ to come into being. A world built on, in this case, happiness.

As this world is being built, a new perspective is formed also. This perspective, imbued with happiness, knows only one way to respond to anything- with happiness!

All that is required is to select that tiny thought, perhaps by first imagining your perfect world. Then, begin implementing your desire by allowing only things relative to your desire to enter your world.

For example, if your choice is happiness, anger and argument will no longer be part of your life. You then live in a ‘happiness world’ and anger and argument have no place to exist there.

These are divisive times and it is easy to talk about turmoil and unrest and be nothing but a reminder to others of how bad things are. Instead, realize that everyone knows of these same concerns, but everyone doesn’t live in identical worlds.

Rather than reemphasizing the problems, maybe the best tactic is for each of us to improve OURSELVES, set a better example, construct a better world for ourselves so that better thoughts can come to us.

Where do thoughts come from? They come from the worlds that each of us has designed – for ourselves.

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  1. I agree that the power of positive thought can change one’s life.
    Try this idea on someone who is impoverish, one who has no funds to feed their children, one who is on a ventilator and can’t breathe, one who has been abused all their life, one who is addicted to heroin…you might have your work cut out for you.


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