Unmonitored Seamstress

Tomorrows are coming. Tomorrows that are filled with Magic, disappointment, elation and despair will be along with their contents to be discovered. That future, and all its contents, is your property.

Your memory is a seamstress that sews together your experiences into a tapestry known as ‘your life’.

The seamstress knows one task – cobbling things together – and for most folks the seamstress is left alone, with no instructions. She cares not about the quality of what goes in, and even less about what the finished product reveals.

If you don’t want to leave the finished product to chance, consider . . .

you can monitor the seamstress. You can direct her attention to an instruction list pinned to the wall next to her. Ideas that perhaps say to; reject negative emotions, accentuate facets about freedom, magnify issues of good health and exclude worry.

You can inspect the results as they are produced. Need a tad more silence, a smidge less anger? Add them to the instruction list. Maybe an abundance of grief is showing up. Can you identify the cause and thus avoid it?

It is just as easy for the seamstress to sew the positive rather than the negative. Give her the exquisite to work with, the sublime, Magic.

Tell yourself a different story – a perfect story – about a perfect life.

It’s all your property. Choose the best parts.

Use them to create – Your, Perfect life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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