The Evolution of the Blackboard

In the stillness of night, in the void of slumber . . . a feeling comes, as if something is lost.

It’s your internal blackboard that is usually jammed full of memories, beliefs and those items of self-knowing. It has been cleaned, no residue remains. And now, being that no half-truths and obstacles exist, that sense of loss is recognized and understood. Also, comes the idea that this blackboard can now step up and become the tapestry of your life.

No longer just a storage area for past miscellany, but a work of art – depicting your highest dreams and possibilities.

This first piece of the puzzle given to you is not a toy to be played with, but the keystone of present and future perfection. It is NOT the time for trying to find additional pieces that YOU believe might fit. Do not yield to your past worldly ways of engagement.

In silence, other parts will fill in the open areas. Allow only the Infinite access to the growth. Protect the tapestry, it is your visual representation of life. Preserve its purity, cherish its outcome. Trust in its omnipotence.

The area that is still vacant is holy land. Revere it. Allow no contaminants, no growth, other than that which is Pure.

As this relationship grows, the negatives present in your life now, will have no place to live and will be forced out. In the process, forget about YOUR expectations of what your tapestry will look like when finished.

When it is done . . .

You will be delighted.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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