The Flower that Blooms in Adversity is the Rarest and Most Beautiful of All.

Thank you Walt Disney for those elegant words. Yesterday is gone. We are immersed in a new time. Is it ‘adversity’? It is – what we believe it to be. No matter what we claim it to be, no matter how disenfranchised we may feel, that flower – there to left – can still grow. It is our duty to be open to that type of rarity. The more difficult the circumstances the more unique the solution has to be.

Are we going to continue closing this last chapter of our life or reveling in the possibilities of the next one? If Disney gave up after the 250th bank he visited for a loan, no one would have ever heard of Disneyland. That flower above can be a metaphor for so many things; discovery, epiphany, emancipation, hope, a long sought-after answer – You!

Almost always, concerning unique situations such as this, we are incapable of generating ideas commensurate with the problem. The answers are floating around, we just have to give them the ability – and a place – to land.

It’s your airport. Don’t lock the doors and abandon it. Turn on all the lights, illuminate the runway, get your mind up in that control tower. Look. Listen. The future is coming.

And please bring a cup of water for that flower.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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