Is It Still a Game – if All the Reasons to Play the Game Are Gone?

Games . . . remember? Fun, friends, sociability, challenging, spirited, healthy, competitive. The viral winds have blown them asunder.

Take away the board or the people or the desire and there is no game. What remains is the ‘potential’ for a game. And that is where we all live right now, in a vacuum of potentials. But the real problem here could be that we continue looking for games in our old, familiar habitat, a venue void of viable alternatives for our frolicking. What is missing from our vocabulary these days is the word ‘unfamiliar’ and its importance is becoming more and more important.

This ‘no-play zone’ we are in, needs fresh input. The above photo shows some dilapidated board game probably headed for the trash. But a child would have a blast with it. Maybe doodling on it, folding it, coloring it, ripping it, putting tokens on it. Anyway that it is looked at now should remind us it is ‘unfamiliar’, and that unfamiliarity may evolve into a new generation of fabulous games.

This debilitation we are all in may last for a long time and we can’t rely on looking back to how things used to be, hoping for that era to return. It seems apparent some type of virtual world will fill the gap, at least temporarily. Church services and meetings now handled by Zoom have opened the door to many to this new reality. Perhaps ‘online gaming’ will take the place of family picnics, etc.

Grab a cupful of hope, a box of imagination, and a novel and new baking dish. Begin mixing your desires with possibilities from the future, instead of the past.

Anyone for a right-out-of-the-oven sparkled pixel cookie?

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