It took the hippie movement of the 60’s to acquaint me with off-the-beaten-path choices, and there were plenty of them. Seemingly sanctioned enough by the myriad kids that were taking advantage of the opportunity to engage in; long hair, sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, smoking, alcohol abuse, abstention from religion, motorcycles, unpopular rhetoric, etc.

There was no intent to hurt anyone, just the rebellious pride in the selection of ‘my choice’. A barefoot irreverence for what everyone thought at the time.

Some individuals back then continued down that path creating communes and making that dissension their way of life. Others went back to the more conventional life and at least partially allowed their dreams to be smothered.

The concept of irreverence still holds a fond place in my heart. It is among the few remaining bastions of self-sufficiency where a person can play hooky with reality and reclaim a portion of that rebellious pride of yesteryear. That awe-inspiring feeling of being captain of your own ship.

Who we are – is based entirely on choices we have made. Not only those ones about irreverence, but every positive, neutral and negative aspect about you, you chose!

If there is any trait about your current life about which you are not happy and proud, make new choices – right now! Perfect choices that enable exactly who you want to be.

Those limitations you have, those reasons you can’t do this or that, swear at them, kiss them goodbye and insert life-values that will lift you to your highest realm.

Allow yourself priority status. Be captain again. You make all the decisions of what enters your life, and when. Set your own sails. Steer your own boat, gently down the stream. Merrily.

Even if it takes a bit of – irreverence.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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