Death of a Friend

Three weeks ago they hauled away the casket with the remnants of Magic inside.

Unpleasant it was watching the hearse fade into the uninspiring foothills with no hope of any type of amazement in the near future. The Infinite shrunk, possibilities were eliminated, the impossible remained impossible. Life, without the dimension for elevation, returned.

We are back to the world of juggling news tidbits, hoping some relevance may appear. The destruction of travel has eliminated seeing those almost constant infinite horizons. Instead, we now look forward to anything that doesn’t speak of corruption and death.

Perhaps it’s better they buried Magic and didn’t erect a statue in remembrance, because that, too, would have been torn down.

Without Magic, discussions remain at ground zero, as if no future even exists.

Magic had a lost buddy who has been wandering through the woods now for quite some time. Desolate, cold, scared – probably because nobody has even gone searching for him. He was so popular in his day. Now reduced to a wandering phantom, totally dismissed because of an invisible virus.

He deserves an apology from everyone. Let’s welcome back, ‘Hope’!

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Please accept my apologies.
    Who or what was/is Magic?
    I can only guess…
    Perhaps Magic can still be revived…anything is possible.


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