A Brand New Paradigm?

As a person, group, neighborhood, race, culture, planet are facing unique times. I’ll spare you the recitation of the current list, but it is formidable, we all agree.

Some say that because of all the uncertainty, death, disease and strife in which we all find ourselves, we now are more sensitive and open. And because of this some great world-wide epiphany may occur, uniting us all in some sacrosanct harmony.

Perhaps it is the time for the two hundredth and one (201) god to appear that will have the perfect answers to immediately solve every topic referred to in the first paragraph above. Or maybe it will just be a little pamphlet of do’s and don’ts that will be sent out electronically that we are can welcome and put our faith in. Or a guy, or a female takes the stand and wins over everyone and we all start that process over again.

‘Give us something to join! Something to believe in! Something to get us to tomorrow!’ Is that the going mantra? Is that the new hope? Call it whatever you want, but it is the default position.

People want to be free – but they will only try it if it is someone else’s version of freedom. Come, get on board my train. Here is a list of the stops, the forbidden areas, the dues, etc. Most of your neighbors have already joined. Come, be part of the new, improved fun. We’ve just bought a property on Freedom Street. We’re putting up the fences tomorrow.

I, for one possibly, see absolutely no value in the type of ‘reformation’ described above. Considering the diversity and sheer number of ‘players’ involved, what is needed is a ‘personal reformation’. Where each person is responsible for his or her own self. There would be no right and wrong except when actions involved others and something like the Golden Rule could apply.

Individual dignity would take precedence. If someone is disenfranchised, the community focuses on that individual to elevate. ‘All men are created equal’ might be the mantra.

The truth is, I don’t know and I don’t have the first clue on how our world should continue. And, most likely neither do you. But I am fond of the idea of hearing from EVERYONE. The homeless may have the answer we need on the tips of their tongues.

Equality, enfranchisement, solidarity, love, empathy, giving . . . they all probably have a place in the betterment we all seek.

In closing, I apologize if I offended any with my above remarks. Efforts now being made for a better world should continue and new ideas sought. My displeasure is the realization that all efforts of this magnitude will most often end up with nothing but a new version of something that turned out poorly.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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