Base One

Let’s engage in a meditation without any Tibetan tinkle tines, no Bohemian singing bowls, no Turkish tango leaves and no Zen incense strips. Don’t shut your eyes or make your legs into a pretzel-shape. No deafening silence nor repetitive mantras.

Just bring to mind the time in your life when you felt the happiest, about YOU.

Was it; making the winning shot in the last seconds, getting up the courage to make that phone call or some milestone of accomplishment? The cause here, is not what is important. It is the feeling you had about yourself.

Almost without exception with this feeling came ones of health, fullness, completeness, satisfaction, freedom and love.

Let’s call this point in time, ‘Base One’.

For today, just get reacquainted with who you were and what you were during Base One. Fill a swimming pool with those feelings and float in them. Experience them again, all of them, and noticed also – what is not there with you.

Today is about re-establishment and immersion back into that memory of Base One.

Base One is equipped with amazing bungee cords that, if you ever find yourself below Base One, a quick thought will fling you right back to it. Remember, Base One is as low as you can go. Myriad things of a negative nature can be in your life, but they don’t have to have a negative affect on YOU.

You are not obligated to descend – to address them.

Commit to staying at the level Base One provides. Set up your office there. Operate, always, from that level – for now.

If you know of certain venues, or causes, that would cause you to have doubts about maintaining this level – avoid them. Maybe it’s the liquor cabinet, or certain folks that are negative. If possible, try avoidance. If that is not possible, enter, but maintain a Base One status.

Play any game, enjoy any situation, but do them all at your level! Don’t go down to meet them. At higher levels the air is fresher, there are less inhabitants, less contamination and you can see farther.

Base One is your new home. Accept it. Protect it. Cherish it.

If you don’t – it will soon vanish.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Moved into 100 Base One Ave. today.
    Took possession at 0 o’clock.
    The movers are bringing the rest of my stuff into the back yard now…decided I’m going give all away to Salvation Army.
    Free at last…free at last…thank God Almighty I’m free at last…don’t ga know!
    Focus on what you want(happy/healthy) not on what you don’t want(unhappy/unhealthy) seems like the bestest place to hang out!
    Once again you nailed it Kumi!


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