Truth and Beauty

Deep, inside us all, is a never-changing core – our personification, our heart, our spirit. It identifies who we are to others, and to ourselves. Acting like a combination of beacon and rudder, it is the solidarity of who we are.

It is easy to recognize the negative effects life can have on our core, but we all have had enough of that. What could happen if our ‘core’ became fully engaged?

What follows is a possibility of perhaps the highest attainment of that idea.

That core is a strongbox holding all your gifts. For you, there will be no surprises there, but the fact that they haven’t been visited for so long may make them seem like surprises. This core is never-changing. You knew your core as a child, you sensed its presence, just like you do now.

Imagine that your core, for whatever reason, is speaking to you loud and clear. It has your attention and it wants to share with the public what it has to offer. You listen as it commands you to forget all your petty foibles and to focus on YOUR message.

Remember exactly what it is like to stand on a chair or desk. The new perspective allows you to see further, there is less clutter, objects below appear smaller, everyone looks up to you. And you can speak from there, or yell, or scream, and command attention. Here comes the good part! From that height you can . . .

Tell An Elevated Story. . .

TELL: An ‘action’ verb encouraging communication. Your core speaks. It begins to share.

AN: Not someone else’s, yours.

ELEVATED: Your uniqueness. Your personal offering. Your take. The reason you are here on this earth. What is drop-dead important to YOU. I want to hear that and understand that, as does everyone else. Your ‘essence’ – your core – is elevated just by definition. It is what sets you apart from all others. It is important, and must be heard.

STORY: We don’t want to hear an abbreviated account of your core, we want to know it from inception, to today, and its future. We want your ‘story’ because it is about truth and beauty and someone’s life with whom we care deeply.

‘Who we REALLY are’ . . . what a divine concept. Could anything be more interesting or enlightening?

Climb up the ladder, stand on top of a mountain. Let the butterflies enter your stomach. Who cares!? Then scream your message to us.

Tell us, and everyone, your elevated story . . .

of who you really are.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Kumi knocked this one out of the pickle ball court!!!
    Beautifully, powerfully, even sweetly written…words of wisdom…inviting, encouraging the mask to be taken off…and the REAL to shine through!


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