The Binding

Thoughts about the virus this morning brought about the idea of how it is depriving many of us of associations we normally took for granted. As those items were pondered, the question of ‘why’ we were affiliated with those things in the first place arose, and it is most interesting.

It seems that even from our earliest days the subtle idea to be busy has always been around. Have; friends, the gym, worries, god, money, groups, sex, sports, drink, drugs, vacations, wife, husband, lover, hobbies and on and on, otherwise you’ll have nothing to do! And for most of us, there is a debilitating fear of that happening.

We have been coerced since childhood to; choose, compartmentalize, select, be part of, value, be in favor of one thing over another. Have you ever considered why?

What this means is that most of our likes and dislikes were formed at random. You were having an exceptionally good night and you tried some product. It became associated with good and has stuck with you all your life.

One other consideration . . . can you understand how that limits our freedom? Our minds are basically already made up. There is no real freedom of direction, nor is there freedom from conclusions.

Back to the virus, or any other problem to be solved. Can you imagine that there will be, or could be, a novel solution from the same people we turn to for answers, whose minds are packed with attachments similar to our own?

More tomorrow . . .

Published by Kumi

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