The Toppled Lifeguard Chair

This morning’s message was going to say something about the benefit of height to a lifeguard’s chair. How being able to see more of the whole scene is so valuable, etc., etc. However, the plight of the world these days makes height worthless in that respect.

Worthless because the elements of the current scene don’t change; people get sick from a virus and some of them die – and only that scenario exists and repeats. The ramifications are terrible and it appears it has to get worse before it gets better.

We all get how horrible the situation is. How unusual, how unfair, how unloving things have become. And we are all coming face to face with the understanding that there are NO answers. The playing field is leveling. Everyone is susceptible and no one has a clue as to what to do. There are no answers on Google, or from friends. People are hurting and they are hurting, alone.

The time for introspection is here. And it is not a time where introspection is suggested, it has become the only thing left. This is a time where examination of our own thoughts and feelings will be distilled. Individuals will be on their own to piece together life, and its meaning – to them, alone.

This time is scary, uncertain and unpleasant – but it is also sacred. It is life and death and only one thing matters, each individual’s conception of it.

Absent are life vests, parachutes, self-help guidelines, warning signs, pundits, life boats, life lines or even cushions.

Discomfort is the reason for much advancement. Hopefully that concept will be true here, also.

The lifeguard chair has toppled but that does not mean it can’t be stood up again. And perhaps we can climb up it and be above the quagmire below, understanding it – but not allowing ourselves to be devoured by it.

May we all negotiate this time perfectly, in our own unique ways. If you find, or have found, methods that work exceptionally well, please share them with us.

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  1. Your sharing this morning has a purer taste to it…a gentleness and simpliness that may very well be the sauve I needed today…what a world living in the BIG question of “what’s it all about” needs now.
    You asked for suggestions of how we might negotiate these interesting times. What came to my mind was an experience I had when I was hospital chaplain in Kansas City. We were given a room to sleep in on the days we did over night duty. There was a helicopter pad just outside the window.
    When you heard the sounds of one approaching in the wee hours of the night you knew you would be called to the ER for a gun shot wound, a stabbing, a car accident or some other violent act. My first thoughts…Crap…what do I say…how do I handle this…what should I say to the victim… the family…what if the patient is a criminal…then what…do I pray…how do I pray? In the elevator, on my way down to the ER the answer to all those questions inevitably was…do nothing…simple be present…simply be a presence…no words…just your showing up is enough.
    So, in the times we find ourselves in with all the uncertainties around it we are being called to be present to ourselves, our thoughts, our world, our NOW.
    Perhaps…there in lies the gift of these times.
    Thank you.


    1. Beautiful comments, Marcia. Thank you.
      We all may be on the verge of finding our own new strategies.
      Just read an article written in NYC I believe. A person started asking neighbors to have a lit candle in a window at 7:00 PM. Quite nice for neighborhood solidarity.


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