The Whole Picture

As we realize that each of us is but a collection of ‘information bursts’ from the past, and that we come together with these partial realms of knowledge, we understand why our world is the way it is. Those hodge-pudge of bursts determine who we are, how we think and give us our priorities.

Nothing is ultimately ‘solved’. The same problems of disenfranchisement, violence, hunger, poverty, education and the like never end. Could it be – that those responsible for the solutions will NEVER have a truly helpful suggestion because of their intellectual limitations?

To be of any assistance here a person must capture the entire picture. Specialization is not an answer. All those things that we have chosen to believe from our past – can you see how they limit our scope, our understanding, our true power and our freedom from discovery? We think we know the answer already, it’s just hidden away somewhere in our mind and needs to be shaken loose.

Embrace the possibility that the perfect answers about handling the concerns of this world (and many, many others) do not reside in us. We do not know, period.

And those answers will remain completely hidden until we comprehend the necessity of grasping the whole picture and addressing it intellectually, unencumbered by our pseudo-knowledge of yesteryear.

Can we see that ad hoc approaches here are ridiculous. We cannot expect helping this classroom, that neighborhood, this state or even those countries will have a lasting impact. Fragmentation is how everything has been attempted heretofore.

‘Comprehensive’ – using a wide mental grasp – makes sense. Then, a task force! That would be great if each person was totally bias-free. We need individuals who have no agenda and no ties to any party or oversight committee. People who are not influenced by personal beliefs. Dreamers, that consider every possibility, and not just ideas about which they have some acquaintance.

It is all about freedom – to be willing to accept and try everything – because you have given up on everything to the contrary – enabling even the sight of the total picture.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Perhaps the virus is our savior.
    We have No answers.
    What is needed NOW…Original thought…never before imagined solutions.
    A mystery…complete birth, death rebirth!
    What will we intuitively create or allow to be created through us?
    Perhaps the resurrection of humankind…levitating out of the swap of billions of years of accumulated beliefs…trying…struggling…working so hard to figure it all out.
    And in an instant appearing as a new creation…perhaps the butterfly has been our teacher all along!
    Right there before our very eyes…a fat fussy worm…cocoon time…dissolving…growing into a new creature that can fly…freedom!


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