Some Things I Don’t Understand

After Anastasia woke me up with the idea, ‘What would my life be without me?’ and its corollary – ‘What would your life be without you?’ – it brought other questions . . .

It is quite clear that for many the maxim, ‘We are taught what to think, not how to think’ holds true. First, to think clearly we all have to deal with varying degrees of prejudice, pride and vanity. Then there is credulity, the willingness to believe even though there is uncertain evidence. And the alternative to the preceding that puts forth the idea that anything can be called ‘real’ if it hasn’t been proven not to exist.

As I pondered my life without me I wondered HOW other folks would think about that subject and then I was led to – how they think about anything?

Is logic of any kind ever utilized or does our thinking always revert back to ‘we are taught what to think’ and our thinking process becomes nothing more than quoting others?

Am I one of these? I think I am. I think, therefore, I am.

Anastasia – is Purity. The Bracelet – is Love. I – am nothing but an individual who was fortunate enough to be in attendance when that little play, put on by the Infinite, occurred.

A person + an action + a bracelet = a sum I can not begin to understand.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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