The Absence of Me

To give – continually – desiring nothing in return.

Placing nothing or no one above you or below you.

To care nothing about how you are being treated.

The concept of Anastasia (from yesterday’s Bracelet) is totally baffling. Her purity of spirit compared to almost everyone else’s is diametrical.

Do we not, in our daily affairs, always – and almost exclusively – opt for our own betterment? Whether it be for our health, our looks, our financial well-being, our creativity, our peace of mind, our comfort . . . Can you imagine giving all THAT up!? Erasing ‘I’ and ‘me’ from your mind and in all cases substituting someone else in our place.

Still wanting for no pain, happiness, love, joy and peace – but wanting them for someone else and excluding ourselves from any part of that equation.

Arising, like we all are today, but with no thoughts about ourself. There would be no more thoughts about how we would handle anything. We’d become anonymous vessels dedicated to assisting others – period.

The idea of self-betterment or self-anything would have no meaning. No agenda, no ideals, no goals, no Magic world to which to attain.

I admit my infancy and complete naïveté on this subject.

At the end of that day in Guatemala I got back on the ship and enjoyed a fabulous dinner. Anastasia carried on adorning travelers’ wrists with bracelets.

Somewhere in those last two sentences lies a monumental conundrum about mindsets.

But not to Anastasia.

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  1. I over heard Anastasia say as you were walking away, “Poor American…doesn’t have a clue.
    Bless his heart.”


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