Packets of Certainty

Just watched a remarkable TED Talk (aren’t they all?) entitled ‘Imaging at a Trillion Frames per Second’. In it you can see a slow-motion video of a packet of light going through a plastic Coke bottle. The author talks about seeing around corners with this new technology and he mentions the waves of illumination that emanate from the Coke bottle as the light passes through and brightens the area surrounding the bottle. The waves should obviously be seen coming to us, the viewers, but they unexpectedly don’t. There’s something about the strange effects caused by a space and time warp while recording at the speed of light!

O.K., enough quantum bewilderment. It is fascinating that so many subjects like ‘light’, are considered ‘known’ as soon as they are studied a bit. The ‘known’ information is shared with the public as factual, but in a few years or decades all that information has to be tossed because of a major update via the quantum field.

What remains intriguing to me is that almost all of us carry around ‘packets of certainty’. Those things learned or experienced that we become attached to and ultimately the things that own us. Those unquestioned beliefs that we allow to drive our lives because of the heightened reverence we give them.

It is extremely rare to find ANYTHING to which perfection can be ascribed and yet we make decision after decision based on some ideas we have basically just adopted as our ‘truths’ with no more thought than picking out a necktie.

An interesting question is, ‘What have you changed your mind about, and why?’ It is scary how attached we can become to our beliefs and how feeble those beliefs may be. People DIE for them, kill for them, hate because of them, ruin their lives because of them.

Packets of Certainty. Are we still at the infancy of discovering their true impact on us and civilization as a whole? Due to their hold on us, can we objectively even consider the effects they have on us as a person?

I know little about space and time warps but it certainly seems time for us to at least ponder our personal ‘packets of certainty’ in a more open and subjective way.

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