GPS Acceptance

Enter ‘A’ – enter ‘B’ – press ‘Go’ and you are on your way. Isn’t that the way we all do everything?

You have to write a letter . . . You think of the format you have used for every letter you have written and you retrieve the content of the letter in your mind and press Go and out comes the letter. You have to make a sandwich – same idea, right? Get this, get that, slap it together and it is done. A pre-established roadmap which saves time, effort and aggravation,

Just for contrast, let’s slide the word ‘Imagination’ along side ‘GPS’. The two concepts don’t do well when juxtaposed. A roadmap renders imagination to road-kill. Imagination requires freedom, something a roadmap does not provide.

Our beliefs are our roadmaps.

Have to get from A to B? Sure, you will create that roadmap for yourself but the itinerary in it will be DICTATED by your beliefs. Of course this applies to possibilities other than physical destinations. This ‘strategy’ of ours comes into play with every decision we make. It has been burnt into our memory. It is as though we have no other potentiality to go, achieve or arrive at new destinations without our inboard – mandatory – GPS.

We answer questions the same way every time we are asked! What we let unfold from our hearts at meetings is the same old crap! Even the words written here will be deciphered in your same rote manner. Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important than intelligence’.

Hop in that mental vehicle of yours and get it up to 90 in some small alleyway and crash into trash cans and a pole or two. Throw it into reverse and tromp on the gas. Drive off a cliff as fast as you can go and feel the weightlessness, the flipping over and over and sense what the crash brings. This is YOUR life, YOUR experiences, YOUR playground. YOU are responsible for EVERYTHING in your life – and all those things that are NOT.

Your imagination is the key to unboundedness. Take it for a ride. Shed those ideas, beliefs and GPS routes of what is proper and what has to be followed. Blaze new trails in the hinterland of your mind.

And please, if you opt to board a big old Greyhound bus and leave the driving to them, let us know why you made that decision.

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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  1. Invented a new method of travel…not taking off…not a slow sander…nor a buggy down…simply…dissappearing…vanish in clear site…poof!


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