Table of Puzzles

This morning, with coffee by your side, may find you at your favorite little table where the waking up process usually takes place. Interestingly, the table top will be clear, but with the addition of the cup and a few edibles, personal ‘puzzles’ will begin to populate its surface.

Many will be recreations of yesterday’s puzzles of how to; manage that person in your life that is impossible to manage, make time for all your activities, pay a bill – and your list can continue with items known only to you – those hidden, dark concerns that you don’t even bring to memory often.

Today, try this . . . Cut the tethers to your little foibles, ALL of them. When your cup first touches your lips use that sensation to start ‘Your Time’. Let go of the ideas of yes or no, this or that, good or bad, etc. All of those puzzles, sweep them off the table and out of your mind until your coffee cup is empty. Luxuriate in the vista that mindset has given to you that includes NO cares and NO obligations. A time, just for you, in perfect peace and harmony – with Everything.

Notice and Listen to the clarity it brings. Sense the ideas of floating, joy and emancipation. After a brief time another table may appear, stacked with answers to your previous puzzles and recommendations for better thoughts to keep with you that will take the place of those concerns you have with you now.

This interval of ‘Your Time’ – make it perfect – for you. Add or take away; food, light, sound, pillows, blankets – whatever it takes, for You. Then tweak this, make it better daily if possible. Become accustomed to this feeling of open perfection. Accept it, welcome it, exult in it, thrive in it – and Listen to It.

Oops, coffee’s gone. Phone’s buzzing. Emails are begging. That agenda is tugging.

Sometimes, there is time for – a second cup.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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