Subtle Power

Suppose that the TV is on and you hear the word ‘cancer’ mentioned in one of those pharmaceutical ads and as your mind assimilates that word you say to yourself, either;

‘You know, I just might have cancer’ – or – ‘I never get sick, I am in perfect health’.

Both of these are just subtle affirmations that we might have made to ourselves, but do they or can they actually affect our health and our lives?

Earl Nightingale promulgated a wise saying half a century ago; ‘We become what we think about.’ In our example we would have been only thinking about cancer or perfect health for a few seconds, but is that enough to matter?

If you never once thought about health and when the commercial came on harbored the idea of having cancer as a possibility, 100% of your thought time would have been about accepting cancer. As stated, this is quite a far-fetched example, but that one thought about cancer can lead to others, like; ‘You know Uncle Jimmy had that prostrate thing and that was horrible’ and you can fill in all the other people and all their circumstances.

There really isn’t anything good that can be said about a disease or illness other than someone recovered from it and those examples are so few they are almost disregarded. And we all know individuals who make talking about their medical problems their most important topic.

Take care as to what you put on your plate, what you let enter your mind, what you think about. The next time you catch yourself thinking about or discussing anything that is negative realize that that may become a part of you. Back away from the subject, let it go, and replace it with something that has spectacular radiance, majestic purity or bubbling effervescence.

Don’t think about things you don’t want to be.

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