Magic Revisited

Have you had a Magical moment? A time in your life when everything was so good you wanted to scream you were so happy? A time when you couldn’t wait to look around the next corner to see what kind of excellence would be added.

That time is now, you know? Yes, the circumstances have changed, but the amazing realization is that no matter what your environment is now, the meaning you give to it can be just as great as your experience of that Magical moment, if not better.

You say, ‘Yes, but he or she has changed.’ Really!? Everything changes! Including you! Figure out what is amazing about your new surroundings and build on those premises. Is it more freedom? More time to find out who you REALLY are? More time to ponder things that are no longer superficial but those that affect you viscerally?

Take the time to discover what is great about the changes and disregard what you may conceive as disagreeable. Don’t ‘do’ things that are not enjoyable – to you – unless you have a reason to do it. Don’t ‘do’ things that are not healthy, don’t even think about them. You can put whatever YOU want into your mind. Plant seeds of wonder, excitement, joy, love – whatever you decide you want your world to be like.

Dream! Ascend! Make room for perfection. Give no room to anything you determine doesn’t belong.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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