Tomorrow’s Forecast

We see or hear a forecast about the next day’s weather; High 78° Low 63° 10% chance of rain. What if you saw or heard a forecast about how you would be the next day?Temperature: 98.7° Heart rate: 65 – 128. Level of compassion: 44 – 61. (And a host of other parameters!)

It is interesting as to how this predictive information could be viewed by the person to whom it refers.

Some would question the accuracy of the numbers, others would question how the information was obtained and some may treat it like a horoscope and rely on the findings as quasi-factual.

Hopefully you understand that there are myriad possibilities of how one might consider these prognostications and that among those choices there is the shining prospect that a person can completely disregard those, or any guesses and realize himself or herself as the only contributor to his or her well-being.

Important here is the concept of being responsible for our own life, irrespective of the temperaments of others or the changes that life brings to us. We aren’t subject to a forecast that predicts our feelings, we orchestrate those feelings.

When anything happens, each and every one of us determines what that happening means to us. When words are read, like these, you determine the impact they have on your life.

Let’s leave those forecasts to the weatherman and realize with absolute certainty that we are responsible for all our feelings each day.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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