Spiritual Wandering

It’s as if we are on some type of illusory scavenger hunt. We search new books, new authors, new countries, new ports of call, new activities, new roads, new routes, new foods, new routines . . .

trying to fill in all our vacancies, attempting to satisfy all our uncertainties and to tie up all our loose ends.

We’re on an odyssey of mirages. We see things, well, we think we see things. Things that make sense, well, we think they make sense.

We catch glimpses of ‘water’ in a desert, but the water isn’t really there. We read words together in a sentence that have meaning, but the meaning isn’t really there. Snippets of enlightenment that remain holes of emptiness or ambiguity.

We cast our hooks out on lines of hope that we snag something of substance that we can reel in and make use of immediately. Instead, our bait catches phrases like; ‘Out beyond the idea of right doing and wrong doing there’s a field’ or ‘Practice not doing and everything will fall into place’ or ‘Wait until the mud settles and the water is clear’ or ‘Darkness within darkness, the key to all understanding’ or ‘If you want to be given everything, give everything up’.

And your fishing pole is put away again until the next scavenger hunt. Better, give it away. Give up the hunt. Forget about all the books and authors and new vistas and personal ideas and ALL of the other things you think will help.

Like hunting? Search for silence. Then try a little solitude. Toss away expectations, limitations and all the things learned up until now. Nothing can be ‘caught’ or ‘snagged’. The Infinite is a game that you learn as you go. NOTHING you now know will help in this game. Most important is what you DON’T bring to the game.

Bring nothing. Expect nothing. Don’t try to help in any way. Don’t try to BE. Don’t try not to BE. Give up. Totally relax. Open to ALL possibilities. Make no suggestions to yourself about what should happen. Accept silence. Have no words.

Transcend . . . but make no effort to transcend.

Just let it happen.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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