Suasion – the Act of Influencing

The followers are influenced by the habits of the group just as each of us is influenced by the habits of those around us.

In the center-left area of the photo above, a follower decides he no longer wants to receive his suasion from that group. It is a powerful statement of conviction and one that is definitely and desperately needed to rid our minds of any worldly ‘group’ mentality if higher thought is desired.

Today’s blog is not about ‘higher’ thought, but about the highest realm there is above the ‘higher’.

What if, outside of our wildest imaginings, there is a ‘fantasy’ that cannot be seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled. A fantasy that cannot even be felt because we are void of the apparatus to enable its discovery?

Perhaps it is available only to those of an ascetic life, one of strict self-denial or to those who keep challenging boundaries. It might be a ‘place’ – ‘place’ – where humans can’t exist because of our severe limitations. There would be no majesty or grandeur because they are merely descriptive words . . . limitations.

It would be a place that could never even be alluded to or explained. Actually, we would never have a way of knowing it exists.

Although not explainable, it is an amazing journey to attempt perusing an imaginary path that may lead in that direction. A path of less and less words, of fewer signs and details. A voyage where if something, anything, is recognizable – you know you have failed.

It is not even about the light at the end of the tunnel. There’s no tunnel, no light, no secrets, no surprises . . . it’s just ‘imagination’. But not an imagination with which we are familiar. It’s not even a spirit because periodically we can ‘feel’ those things.

An area of pure nothingness? Yes, maybe.

An area where we are not? Yes, maybe. Not yet, anyway.

It’s breaking step with the marchers. Then breaking rank. Then going a different direction. Then side-roads, detours. Escaping authority. Going where there are no paths. Then . . . just ‘going’.

Then it comes down to how to continue proceeding? Feet become useless because there is nothing under them. Minds become useless because the destination is a complete unknown.

A heaven? No idea. All questions have dissolved. All uncertainties become non-existent because there is nothing with which to be uncertain.

Suasion . . .

Is there any influence there, whatsoever?

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Liaison to the Infinite.

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