A Proper Vacation

Someone gets the idea of experiencing a brighter future, so a two-week vacation is taken.

Upon their return they realize the vacation had its good points; a couple of memories, pictures, food . . . but it brought about no life-soothing peace.

Vacations seem to be considered and used as times to get away from yourself. The real you stays at home and you send some clone to your vacation destination.

Life isn’t about finding some ‘more ideal’ venue and transporting yourself there. Life is about creating yourself . . . long-term.

‘How’ a vacation is experienced is more important than ‘what’ the vacation is. Sure, take in the pleasures, but while there ponder your immersion in it. What would make it better for you? What would it take to send your experience off the charts!?

You deserve a bright future. Let go of the few possibilities you know that may ascend your vacation. Allow time for a new you to be born.

Let a vacation be about; expansion, freedom and bliss.

Charts are not boundaries.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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