Thoughts We Will Never Have

Scenes we will never see. Emotions that will remain unexperienced. Ingenious answers that will remain hidden. Places we will never visit. Ideas that will never materialize. Situations we’ll never encounter.

To live in a creation of only mistakes. To follow through with all of our abandoned interests. To sense a flavor pendulum. Play with a tangible mirage. Lick a mental popsicle.

To feel what it is like to not have to carry the weight of imperfection.

To sit down in a place we never knew even existed and breathe visions.

Live a life of perpetual mistakes.

Sort through mysterious powers, all new to us.

Our memories replaced by new senses.

Dreams. Dreams that produce more profound dreams. Dreams that produce illusory worlds. Congregations of dreams. Visions of all the frequencies of light. Touching the spectrum of all sounds.

Hopefully, an ever so slight reduction of all those thoughts we will never have . . .

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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