The Limits of Our Thoughts

As we begin talking about any subject we automatically choose our boundaries. We have chosen to believe that on the lower end of the spectrum ‘A’ said this, and on the higher end ‘B’ said that. In that area is where we choose to play. Outside those lines is out-of-bounds.

The area between lines A and B does not include the whole playing field, but in our mind that is the entire possible realm of thought. We have never considered the subject outside those two lines.

Between lines A and B is our spectrum of acceptable opinion. If there is an answer or additional development of the subject it MUST occur within that box.

We may argue occasionally about moving line A a little to the left or pulling in line B. But our subject at hand NEVER gets considered in a setting of violet or crimson.

And those lines – WALLS – are mighty fortresses. They are your walls. You were there when they poured the foundations for them. You saw the heavy steel reinforcing rods all tied together to bind the concrete. You put your stamp of approval on the entire construction.

Sadly, your walls and those of others become intermingled and a universal standard of acceptance becomes learned for all subjects.

It is interesting how UNacceptable writings and ideas outside the lines are. Usually they are discarded without any consideration whatsoever.

And even more sad is the thought of . . .

‘What if the answers to all of your really important questions are in the Indigo area?’

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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