One Path

There is only one path that no one can walk but you.

Sometimes the path can be obscure, as if you have lost your way. Blurry, uncertain, mysterious.

When you are on your path – it is special. it feels like Magic. On the contrary, when you are involved in activities that aren’t on your path, there is no special feeling. There is no Magic.

Perhaps you have distinct memories of feeling Bliss when you were engaged in some unique activity. Rekindle that realization. That inspiration came to you then because you were on your path.

Only you will ever know what your treasures are and only you can sense the Magic when they are near.

If you are facing indecision about the direction of your life, revisit the episodes you have experienced that are the closest to ecstasy. Those times of effortless drifting. Those remarkable periods of sublime Bliss.

Get clues from there . . .

when you were on your Path.

Start walking, again.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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