Hanging On

It’s your life. You don’t want it to end. You hang on.

Situations and opportunities arise. Some mild, and some daunting, as in the selfie above.

Every so often we permit the terrifying idea of surrender, of falling, to be mentally experienced.

Maybe our eyes shut, a deep breath – – – then the ALLOWING of ourselves to fall. Ultimate terror encased in ultimate freedom.

But somewhere, about half way down, an epiphany occurs. A feeling, a realization, that what is happening is exactly what is needed to happen.

You understand deeply that you cannot DO anything, The incredible feeling of total ‘trust’ is discovered, couched in the Infinite.

Instantaneously, you are given wings . . .

Instantaneously, ‘hanging on’ becomes meaningless.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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