A Beautiful Day

The possibilities are endless. A time to maximize happiness.

Unfortunately for the visitor, and for you; you have just watched a hour or so of the news on T.V. So, right after the welcoming hug the topic of conversation turns to war, or illegal immigrants.

(Ponder the confusion in your mind as you mix a heart-warming hug with killing and death. Why would we ever dream of subjecting ourselves to that torture?)

Perhaps both of you have been looking forward to this visit for months. And right out of the starting gate ‘negativity’ is the focus. Following etiquette, the visitor continues the conversation about some illness, perpetuating the grief.

Maybe the negative thoughts will be side-stepped, but the obvious idea here is to not give negativity a platform in the first place.

The next morning the visitor is gone. There is another knock on the door. It is life – your life. What is going to be on your mind then? The same concerns, confusion and problems?

Why not leave all that negativity in a closet, or imprisoned in a television that never disseminates bad news?

All around us is more wholesomeness and beauty than we could ever imagine. It is just as easy to embrace things that make our spirit sing with joy – instead of crying over wars and death.

Nowhere does it say that we are in any way responsible for anything in the news. We are bombarded with this negativity because it makes a few people extremely wealthy. Perhaps, by now, you feel in some way obligated to be involved.

Life is going to visit you today. Why not bombard it back and choose Bliss for your life – today and every day? Pass on your serving of garbage – that only impairs your contentment.

Prepare for a totally ‘Beautiful Day!’ rather than giving the negativity on your T.V. a chance to contaminate your life.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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