Caught in Desire

Something wrong? Still wrong? Caught in the desire to be free from it? You own this trouble and the trouble owns you. There is possession.

You’re a part of a battleground and there’s a war going on. There are bombs, artillery and new tactics being used against you. You are caught in crossfire. You crouch down in a corner with this ‘desire for freedom’ while your human thought process digs deeper holes of judgment, anger and dislike.

Retaliation becomes your operative word, couched in self-pity. Your quagmire of anger boils. Then, in a second of clarity, the question ‘From where am I getting my guidance?’ interrupts your thought pattern.

You introspectively see yourself as a person in the lowest position with the lowest energy level – searching for ways of retaliation.

So . . . you give thanks for the clarity. You give thanks for the problem and for being caught in the desire to fix it. You don’t adjust anything, you don’t tweak some mental mechanism. You pull the plug.

You get up, pull the plug on all this negativity, and go to a place where the highest inspirations can be found. A walk. A drive. A meditation. A pause. And when that happens you give thanks.

Then you get out of the way. You take yourself to the highest place possible. An exquisite memory. A time of perfection. Then . . . turn off all your efforts of bringing peace and finding answers. Don’t offer suggestions. Don’t help the process in any way.

Do just the opposite – get out of the way. Exclude everything. Hold on to NO thoughts of the past. Get to a place of perfect silence, and listen. Get the feeling of living there, and taking up residence. Feel the Bliss.

Allow every particle of energy that makes you who you are be touched by PERFECTION.

Give thanks.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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