In Between

There is today’s starting line. Somewhere, past a distant hill, is the exact spot where starting lines will cease to pop up each morning. In between, the balance of life as we know it.

The distance left to run; unknown. The areas left to explore; unknown. Ourselves; unknown.

We cannot make visible that which is not, but we can decide and establish the demeanor in which this ‘in between’ is navigated.

With closed eyes, get an abstraction of the rest of your life. Is it about grabbing ‘Lane 6’ and taking a chance that will be good enough? Or might it be worthy to self-suggest some facets that should be part of your journey? Perfection? Bliss? Unboundedness? Peace? Harmony?

The ‘in between’ is all we will ever know or experience. Maybe it is time for graduation? Maybe right now is the ideal moment to finally take on the fear of change . . . and enter the ‘in between’ – the Infinite – without yourself?

Kicking down the doors of isolation as you go and discovering the myriad venues of perception that heretofore were hidden.

The potentials within the ‘in between’ are unlimited, but are only realizable by our unknown self, that entity that has left all behind. All those ideas of self-worth, self-betterment, self-assuredness. . . left to rot away and to be forgotten.

This is not about a glass half-full! There is NO glass. You bring nothing. No memories, no old ways of solving problems; Nothing.

That’s when the ‘in between’ becomes; EVERYTHING.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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