Remember your teenage years when you first realized there was a choice in what you believed? That not all people shared your family’s religious beliefs and you were becoming one of them!

When you finally left the house you probably noticed that everything was up for grabs. Which college? Which branch of service? What job?

It was a time of searching for answers, for yourself, and there were many stages and speakers and teachers and friends along the way vying for your attention and devotion.

The years go by and now perhaps there is a final question that confronts many; ‘From where should I get my guidance?’

All human reasoning can be flawed and is limited. But some questions must be answered and it is you that must make the ultimate decision as to who, or what, you will depend on for the best answers.

Almost always the answers will come by personal human effort, which obviously may have imperfections. There is another way which does away with dependence on humans – the Infinite.

Simply a time of solitude devoted to allowing any question to be solved by elevating it into the highest realm. No effort is required, and optimally, ridding yourself of human effort is ideal.

From where do you get your guidance? There are but two choices; human effort – or the Infinite.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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