Lane Nine

Here’s that starting line again, with your number, your lane, your position. You know where you are going. The only variable is how long it will take you to get there.

A sprig of wonder joins your contemplation. You glance to the side and notice everyone else lined up. ‘Surely we can’t all be wrong.’

You look forward and you can foresee where your footprints will be. You know where you will be in one hour, two hours, four hours. And of course, you know you’ll be right here again tomorrow morning having the same thoughts.

You stare down at the number ‘9’. You see the spot on it where your first step will land but at that same instant the idea of taking a step without using your feet appears.

A dissatisfaction of having to stay on Lane 9 takes hold. You come to grips with the idea that you created Lane 9 and it was you that decided to run along its path each day.

Right then, something is given to you. Something that has not been found, not been learned, not been earned. Something that is a gift, to you . . . a perfect gift.

A gift that – opens your wings. A gift that erases boredom and hurt. A gift whose splendor can only be known by you. A gift so magnificent you can not clearly identify it nor explain it. You can only give thanks.

As the starting gun is fired, you watch your associates and friends accelerating down their chosen paths. As you watch the daily procession you gently rise to a new perspective – and a new understanding.

Feeling a unique peaceful joy, you float away in an unknown direction.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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