Web of Conformity

Kinda like a mind . . .

Strung out to capture worldly things that conform to what we want.

But now and then we find things in the web, things that don’t conform to what we deem as acceptable. Bad things.

And we worry and fret, but the bad thing just won’t dislodge and it becomes a problem. And we fight it. Curse it. Let it rule our life.

Maybe, this is an ‘unnecessarily bad’ thing. Meaning, the only reason it is bad is because it didn’t fit in with our idea of conformity.

All these items that are ‘unnecessarily bad’ – are bad because that is how we classified them. Instead of accepting negative things, could we not become a master at transforming them into gems of good?

Take another look at the picture above. Imagine it, imagine you, without the web . . . and without the judgment,

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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