Often, we look at the hands of a clock, the number on a charging meter, or a thermometer and we get a number. As above, the device is a little over half charged.

And these numbers have been calibrated in our minds so that we ‘know’ when when it is 93° outside we’ll feel uncomfortably warm.

Each day we wake up to a number somewhere between 0% and 100% which identifies how good we are feeling.

Some folks allow this number to be handed to them. ‘79% today, Bob. You didn’t get enough sleep and you’ve got four problems to correct.’

‘We become what we think about.’ If you accept the 79% guess how great your day will be? Right at 79%.

All the guesswork can be eliminated from this daily decision. Plant 100% as your daily percentage on your well-being meter. You might counter with, ‘But this bad happened and all this other stuff needs attention.’

If you graciously accept life as it comes, this 100% number just means how open and thankful you are for everything. Those seemingly troubling concerns, when viewed through the lens of 100%, can all be Magical occurrences – just because you chose a higher plateau from which to live.

Tell yourself how you are. State how your life is. Not according to anyone or anything else – but yourself.

Set your level at 100% and never touch it again.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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