Clumps of Happiness

A friend comes to visit. You eat, chat, have a couple drinks, laugh, cry – and that becomes a clump of happiness to you. Relatively easy to create and duplicate.

We all have amassed a number of these duplicatable ‘clumps’. Times in our lives that are special to us where we feel alive, happy, free.

Perhaps a concern comes when we are desirous of the feeling one of those clumps used to bring, but we realize we are unable to create it again. It has become un-duplicatable.

But we try. We search for something similar, something more potent, something more expensive, something further away, something more elegant.

How about allowing that ‘search’ to just dissolve and consider an inner replacement, where you cease to rely on certain external factors having to be there and instead sip on the immeasurable peace that is yours to behold just by relaxing and shutting your eyes?

There are no pieces that have to be present to congeal into some lump or clump. There is no weight, no structure and no order in which things must play. It is bliss, ‘on call’, whenever it is desired. Nothing is needed except for your participation.

Uncorrupted splendor, each and every time you allow its presence.

A most perfect melody, free from all disappointments.

Life-changing fulfillment from one word . . .


Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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