‘I’m stuck. The situation will never change. There is no way out. I get two colds a year, one in April and one in November.’

People allow petty annoyances to grow and grow into these huge concrete block of self-importance which actually become forces that dictate how someone’s life will flow.

The thing is, we have access to forces of our own that are much more powerful than petty externalities. We can, and do, summon up declarations of who we are and what will be. But it happens with such irregularity it might warrant revisiting.

Just like addictions can cease with the snapping of two fingers, we are all aware it may take twenty years for that realization to finally become believable enough that a change does occur.

Each of us has no other destiny than the one we choose for ourselves.

How many times a year do you get a cold? If you changed your answer from two, to zero, would that literally modify your health?

It is up to you – and only you – to find out. It is all about your trust in higher forces.

Stuck? Stop – and do something different. Give thanks! Look around at the place where you got stuck. What does it have to offer, what is it trying to tell you? There may be resources right there that would change your life forever if you just noticed them.

Don’t curse the mud . . . it may be part of your next remarkable declaration.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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