Path of Uncertainty?

Down the path, around the corner –

you’ll be there tomorrow morning with another twenty-four hours under your belt. Nearly impossible to fathom a different outcome.

If you welcome that scenario, congratulations! If not, consider . . .

where you might rather be.

The life you have chosen has been up to you, and still is. If you want to live on a spaceship heading to Mars, you know that if you embed that into your mind that will be your reality.

Anything is possible . . . you don’t need to have a name, a neighborhood in which to live. Buddha can be the guy you go running with each morning. Choose your friends, if any. Decide what subjects you will talk about, vacation anywhere, alone or with a multitude. Omit things from your world and/or bring new things in. A limitless fantasy is just waiting to be born.

No matter what is going on, you are the one who gives meaning to it.

Where’s that path heading?

Tell it.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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