Remembered Window

Life is squalor until one day, when a window is opened and what was always out there takes on a new meaning.

You begin to notice that what is there is exactly what has to be there.

The pieces of your world all have their given place.

It is different this day though, as the invisible facets also can be seen.

Thoughts, worries, loves, hates, desires, problems – are all there.

But most importantly, the linkage between them all, is shown.

The unpleasantries; an argumentative spirit, a life packed too full of duties, unwanted habits . . . are not only identified, but the exact linkages that explain why they are there are in full detail.

A crystal clear representation of who you are – and why – sits in front of you, for your inspection.

Rare is the day that window opens.

Even remembering where that window is . . . can be a challenge.

Published by Kumi

Liaison to the Infinite.

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